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Sulafect™ harnesses the Power of Nature to be the Next Generation disinfectant with safe long-term use. Sulafect™ is a tradename for INNOWATECH Anolyte®, a clear, waterbased disinfection solution with Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) as active ingredient. Sulafect™ is manufactured using Innovative German technology from INNOWATECH GmbH. Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) kills a multitude of pathogens that are harmful to humans by tearing down their cell membranes and protein envelopes. 

"Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) is a highly specialized molecule which is produced by the white blood cells in the human body and is an essential part of our immunity." 

As our white blood cells do their job on the inside of our bodies, Sulafect™ grants us access to this essential immune response on the outside of the human body. In the search for effective disinfection and safe long-term
use products, we should not overlook the resources that have been available to us since World War I. In a preantibiotic era, Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) was used to irrigate and disinfect wounds in World War I. INNOWATECH Aquadron® technology produces a stable form of HOCL in comparison to the HOCL used back in the days, allowing us to tap into the vast number of benefits HOCL offers, today. 

Sulafect™ is alcohol-free making it non-flammable. Joining this advantage, Sulafect™ can be used repeatedly without harsh consequences to the applied areas - making skin contact dermatitis and alcohol-based residues on surfaces something of the past. Tested and cornfirmed by Dermatest GmbH, an independent dermatological institute in Germany.

Dermatologically tested and approved. 

Produced in a pH neutral solution, Sulafect™ is nontoxic and leaves no toxic residue after its use. Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), unlike chlorine bleach, is 100% safe and non-irritant to skin, lungs or eyes. It is reported that even if it was accidentally ingested, it is harmless. Yet, it is up to 80-120 times more efficient at killing microbial pathogens than chlorine bleach.

Sulafect™ provides an extension of your body's defenses to the world around you with the benefit of being eco-friendly. Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is made by only using high purity salt (NaCl), water and electricity and reduces to a saline solution when discarded. Therefore, Sulafect™ solution encompasses only the power of nature making it 100% biodegradable. 

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), the active ingredient in Sulafect™, is one of the most powerful disinfectants against disease-forming micro-organisms which makes it useful in water treatment either for humans or in agricultural applications. For commercial, industrial and agricultural applications requiring large volumes, contact Sinowatek.



C. Visagie

Working in the software industry, I spend a lot of time touching my keypad, mouse and even headset. I have managed to keep them clean without damaging them, because of the neutral pH level and the lack of alcohol in Sulafect. I have found that it works for cleaning shopping and personal care items, along with keeping high traffic surfaces clean; all the while not giving off funky smells or headache inducing fumes. Sulafect is a great and I will continue using it.

E. Louw (Owner of Tranquil Transition)

Using Sulafect as a hand sanitizer and general disinfectant, my hands are more soft and smooth which is not the case with alcohol based sanitizers. I am a reflexologist and use a foot spa which can transmit fungal and other harmful pathogens if not properly disinfected. By using Sulafect to disinfect the spa I am confident and assured that my clients have a safe and clean spa. After seeing what else Sulafect can be used for I am certainly going to continue using this product.

E. Smit

"Sulafect is fantasties, toe hierdie pandemie sy nek uitgesteek het en alkohol in elke saniteerder op die mark en by elke winkel se ingang my hande uitgedroog het, het tot 'n uitslag ontwikkel. Vandat ek en my familie Sulafect begin gebruik het hoef ek nie meer oor droë, seer hande bekommerd te wees nie en weet ek steeds ek myself tenvolle beskerm teen allerhande 'goggas', nie net teen virusse nie"

Get 5% Discount on orders over R3000 with GET5OFF